IGEN BIOLAB GROUP is a pioneer biotech company in the development of microbiome modulators, which are bioactive therapeutics that benefit human health by altering the composition and activities of the microbial communities in the body to regulate host pathways.

IGEN BIOLAB GROUP´s focus is on microbiome modulators that impact on infection, immunity and metabolic disease. The company is currently pursuing clinical studies and additional discovery efforts. Recent scientific discoveries are forcing the industry to rethink how changes in the microbiome influence human health, and IGEN BIOLAB GROUP is among the first companies translating microbiome discoveries.


IGEN BIOLAB GROUP is pioneering a path for commercial development in this untapped area.

Published microbiome researches make clear that human microbiome is a fundamental component of human physiology. Changes in the microbiome can cause changes to human cellular activities that result in disease or contribute to its progression. Unlike traditional discovery efforts that have focused on the human side of the equation, IGEN BIOLAB GROUP believes that therapeutic product breakthroughs can be made by focusing on how the microbiota interacts with itself and with its human host to impact health and disease.

IGEN BIOLAB GROUP has developed a proprietary approach for generating small molecule, peptide biologic, and symbiotic product candidates that modulate microbe and microbe-human interactions that contribute to health or disease. This approach is based on understanding microbial community composition and function in healthy and diseased conditions. These profiles also form the basis for the discovery of novel biomarkers used for the development of novel drugs and diagnostics.


IGEN BIOLAB GROUP is engaged in a number of strategic collaborations for the discovery and development of microbiome modulating therapeutics. These partnerships further validate the broad utility of IGEN BIOLAB GROUP Microbiome Science capabilities and toolkits to help discover and develop product candidates that modulate microbe-microbe and microbe-host interactions across multiple disease areas for its partners.

IGEN BIOLAB GROUP works with a broad network of researchers—from academic laboratories to multinational bio pharma and nutrition companies—to support discovery aimed at identifying novel disease targets and mechanism. IGEN BIOLAB GROUP unique set of microbiome science capabilities and toolkits leverage comprehensive metagenomic assay expertise, validated SOPs for bio-specimen sample handling and genomic preparation, as well as integrated bioinformatics pipelines aimed at the reproducible identification of microbial community targets of health, disease and treatment effects.


Patients suffering severe diseases, which often are life-threatening, are the focus of our efforts. This approach is the essential condition for the success of our work, in which not only our employees are involved, but also our partners and external collaborators.

Our commitment to medical progress goes hand in hand with our commitment towards our patients: everyone who might benefit from our findings must have the opportunity to do so. This promise is extended to physicians and the community of all those involved in patient care.

Functional protein immunotherapies help physicians and other healthcare professionals to provide high quality medical nutrition care and to improve patients.

The staff at IGEN BIOLAB GROUP works every day in order to keep this promise.

From our point of view, IGEN BIOLAB GROUP’s portfolio of developments represents a promise in itself. Not only it does represent an important potential for the company, but also new possibilities and new hopes for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who are suffering oncologic and degenerative diseases.

IGEN BIOLAB GROUP is working for them in terms of new approaches to Medicine, discovering a variety of biological activities from vegetal and animal sources, which entail a major potential in terms of therapy and preventive diagnosis.

The result? Our growth perspectives are equal to our ability to offer services based on our scientific potential.

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